Sporting 50 v AFCW 1st Team

League Junior Cup - Round 3


Sporting 50



AFC Walcountians


  • Dara Obakin - 1 goal(s)
  • Ben Macey - 1 goal(s)
9th December 2017 | 14:00

Match Report

AFC’s cup participation this season came to an end with a loss in extra time to Sporting 50. Zuko Awkuba was lost in the opening minutes to injury before the Counts conceded a soft goal to go behind. Ben Macey then equalised, leaving the sides level at half-time.

AFC were far from their best in the second half but a late Dara Obakin goal looked set to put us in the next round until Sporting 50 responded straightaway.

Sporting took the lead in the first half of extra time with a good finish from their centre forward, and AFC couldn’t muster a response. As AFC poured bodies forward, Sporting 50 sealed their place in the next round of the cup with a goal on the break in the dying moments.


M.Scola; D.Haines, M.Eglon, D.Burrett; R.McMorrow, G.Harrington, T.Melvin (c), S.Scola, L.Rodgers; Z.Akwuba, B.Macey

Subs used: C.Baptiste, D.Obakin

Subs not used: B.Hoskins