At AFC Walcountians, we pride ourselves on creating a safe, family friendly environment for all to play and enjoy football.

We fully embrace and support the RESPECT programme that allows everyone to play football, our referees to officiate and parents and supporters to watch football without anyone being abused, mocked, insulted, jeered, physically assaulted, unnecessarily criticised, pushed too hard or driven to tears.

As we start the new season we would like to remind everyone of the behaviour we expect from our Managers, Club Officials, Players, Parents and Spectators in our Code of Conducts below.

Please note that we have a zero tolerance behaviour policy.

If you witness or experience behaviour that contravenes the Code of Conduct we would encourage you to report it to the Committee.

Thank you for your continued support.


Code of Conduct for Managers, Coaches and Club Officials

Code of Conduct for Players

Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators